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Customer Management

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  • 1. Customer Demographics

    All the fields needed for the customer including multiple email address and cell phone fields plus separate billing information and notes field. Plus an included option to check if an email address is still valid (working inbox). Saved pricing is great when you need to send out postcards or email blasts with customer special pricing.

  • 2. Order History

    Each order contains funtionality to send manual confirmations or reminders, add payments, print or email invoices and view detailed audit information directly from order listing.

  • 3. Photos/Documents

    Save any kind of document or photo to the customer service. Any estimate attachments uploaded to the service are also saved to the service for anyone in the company to see.

  • 4. Area Tool

    A custom area tool is provided to easily do estimates from your desktop. Get the square footage of a roof, yard, or driveway without driving to each property.

  • 5. Custom Invoices

    Invoices can be customized by fields and format and may be viewed, printed or emailed directly from the customer interface.

  • 6. Notes/Log

    Every action from emailed invoices to confirmations, customer texts, driver communication and reminders are logged to the customer account and can be filtered by the service date.

  • 7. Customer Audit Log

    Every change to the customer account and service is logged. If you ever wonder who changed that customer phone number or email, you'll know who changed it and when.

  • 8. Customer Alerts

    Add special alerts to customer accounts letting all your employees know something about this customer. Whenever the account is touched, an alert note will let your employees know what the deal is.