RoadPro Features

Business Marketing

Let your customers know about specials and other promotions via email or print/mailing

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  • 1. Mailing Groups

    Import or create special email lists to create customized email campaigns. You may also create custom groups for your current customer base by location, status or zip code.

  • 2. Email Template List

    Create as many email templates as you like and save them for editing or sending every month for instance.

  • 3. Create Beautiful Email Templates

    Use our custom email editor to create gorgeous email templates. We make it easy to create a nice email template with drag and drop section helpers. For instance you can drop a header section with photo and text placeholders and all you do is replace the images and text.

  • 4. Create Campaign

    Once you create a template, you can then schedule a campaign to send at any day/time you wish, plus select which mailing group to send to.

  • 5. Campign Results

    Once a campaign is sent, the statistics of each campign is easily viewable showing how many emails were sent and how many were actually open and read.

  • 6. Custom Survey

    With RoadPro you can build a custom survey to get feedback from your customers helping you make smart business decisons based on your customer feedback.