RoadPro Features

Custom Field Reports

Customized field reports that can be merged into a PDF report, a one-click HTML report or any custom report you might need.

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  • 1. Report Builder

    Build a custom report in RoadPro to easily collect data in the field. Also add photo buttons to capture a photo for that given field. Simply drag a field type to the report builder form to add that field to the new form.

  • 2. Field Properties/Values

    When creating reports, custom values and properties can be defined for each field type. Also make that field required or validate certain values when collecting the data.

  • 3. Collect And Merge To Custom Forms

    Once you create a field report, they can be assigned to any of your services. They can then be filled in from the field using the RoadPro mobile application. The collected data can then be merged to the custom report.

  • 4. Merge Reports To PDF Forms

    Merged reports can be sent to any custom created PDF form for a pixel perfect final report document.

  • 4. Complete report on mobile device

    Complete field reports from mobile device and deliver to customer while taking photos and ability to add signature or any field you'd like.