RoadPro Features

Order Dispatch & Routing

Plan, load balance and optimize routes for 100's of orders and multiple drivers in minutes. See where your field technicians are with a single click and book appointments with ease.

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  • 1. Routing Module

    Think of RoadPro Solutions online dashboard as a Truck Routing App. With a click or a tap, you can run new fleet routes or call up route histories. RoadPro's vehicle tracking system can even view location histories of each driver.

    Additionally, techs in the field can take job notes, customer billing or contact info on each visit their daily route takes them to - perfect for field repair, delivery or installation companies needing the best in company fleet management AND intra-company correspondence. (This really is an all-in-one business software solution.)

  • 2. New Routing Project

    Need a different route on Monday than on Friday? Expand your market? Add a truck to the company fleet? RoadPro Solutions makes it easy to design new route plans and record the history of your old routes. Go with RoadPro to organize route projects by job, date, tech or service rendered.

  • 3. View Routing History

    Access the last 30 routes you've planned to go back and see what happened last week or last month.

  • 4. Routing Report

    Options to print routing reports for your drivers when they don't want to use a mobile device to track their orders.

  • 5. Mobile Interface

    With the Mobile Interface feature of RoadPro Solutions CRM software, send route plans directly to techs in the field and enable easy communication with customers or across the entire company. You can also create real-time estimates using RoadPro's exclusive Visual Estimation Tool, generating the most accurate, attractive estimates in your market and resulting in more sales. Send estimates from the office...or the couch!

  • 6. Dispatch Module

    Dispatch and track all your jobs using our dispatch module. Also book and invoice directly from this same screen. Your CSR's can work from one screen without going anywhere else saving time and allowing them to serve your customers better.